"All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act

towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood"


- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1 -






The Sharing Network

What do I need and how I may help?


Wherever you may be in this world, you may need a hand to secure your welfare or defend your fundamental rights whenever they are being suppressed. And wherever you may be in this world, you may feel the urge to give a hand to secure welfare or defend fundamental rights whenever they are being suppressed.


So members in need, Seekers, post their needs and members willing to directly address peoples’ needs, Givers, post the support they wish to offer.


Seekers and Givers then find each other in the Network and become “friends”, or partners, just like in a traditional online social network. Once the friendships are clinched, Seekers and Givers nourish them through their connected profiles with the idea that tangible acts of solidarity and not only words of comfort and support will grow from this exchange.


To enact the process, the Network is configured in a symmetrical fashion: a Seeker and a Giver Channel. These two symmetrical Channels are made up of symmetrical Groups circumscribing more specifically what is sought and what is offered.


So Seekers and Givers post themselves in their Channel and Group. Then they tag in a few words what they are seeking or what they wish to give and the details are obtained by clicking on the Tag.


These are the Groups:


Economic Solidarity, which offers economic support, through person-to-person investment and exchange of opportunity. The idea here is to personalize offer and demand at the worldwide level thanks to our social network configuration. What we are fostering is a global deconcentrated and personalized grassroots economy. As such, we are endeavoring to have the economy fall back into the hands of the people and not just into those of the markets, which are more and more divorced from the real economy materialized by us human beings through labor and trading based on actual goods and services.


The Market Square of the Global Village, where anyone from anywhere can sell or buy directly from anyone from anywhere. Individual businesses all over the world transact directly with individual consumers all over the world through our social network configuration. Again, what we are promoting here is a deconcentrated and grassroots paradigm of offer and demand.


Rights and Freedoms, which is our platform for personalized defense and advocacy of our fundamental human rights when they are being suppressed


Echo, which offers to our fellow humans in distress a platform to speak out on a person-to-person but worldwide level so that we may listen and act to help, worldwide and personally.













Together hand in hand