The Mutual Valuing Network

The chance to be heard, seen and known by all

Showcasing the talents, initiatives and creativity from the grassroots is how we may sum up what this Network is about.


With the current boom of the online social networks never has it been easier to speak up and especially never has it been easier for us regular folk with little access to influence to find a way to speak up that can be heard by all and which is fundamentally free of charge and of control, despite the instances of repressive political action.


Consequently, this Network promotes initiatives from the grassroots by offering a platform for these initiatives to be showcased and open to enrichment from others through backing and advice. So this means attracting attention, of course, but also disseminating throughout the Network the needs tied to these initiatives, as is done in crowdfunding campaigns, for example.


This is the first Group, Initiatives


The Mutual Valuing Network also allows in its social network configuration the posting, and hence, the sharing of all forms of talents, skills and knowledge. Development and progress is far better fostered by the utilization and encouragement of the multiformity of human strengths than by the emasculation of talents in the bottleneck of competitive selection.


This is the second Group, Talents


Members are also offered an amount of free space to showcase their creative work and reflections in the Art and Thought Group.


Cultural events around the world and of all sorts are also posted in The World Cultural Calendar Group for us to value what is being expressed by all and everywhere.







Humanity, a multifaceted diamond shining from all sides