The Learning Network

Sharing knowledge in all of its forms and manners


This Network is first of all a meeting place between qualified members from all fields and members with specific educational and training wishes so that skills and knowledge may be shared on a person-to-person level thanks to free, open and personalized training and courses.


In addition, in a similar way to Wikipedia, which is fed by facts proposed and reviewed by independent individuals, the Learning Network is a platform for collecting and discussing facts supplied by the grassroots. However, beyond its encyclopedic aspect, the Network equally shares the wealth of ways of knowing that thrive throughout our humanity. We find here the African sage’s concept of the cosmos as well as the astrophysicist’s models of quantum mechanics, for example.


Sharing facts but ways of knowing too means sharing ways of understanding and of thinking. This we see as a fundamental vector of fraternity/sorority and of progress.


The Network furthermore serves as a platform for people who have made a discovery or achieved an invention to broadcast the fruit of their work so that others may learn, react and propose.


And we offer a forum for members to ask and share questions related to their different cultural origins.


The Learning Network, just as in the Sharing Network, is made up of two symmetrical Channels - What do I wish to learn? and What do I wish to teach? - revolving around 5 symmetrical Groups: Skills, Facts, Ways of Knowing, Discoveries and Inventions, Polylogue of Cultures.


Members post themselves in their desired category, become “friends” or partners and then learn, teach, question and discuss.











A worldwide forest of knowledge