The Feedback Platform

What may you wish to say about what we are doing?


We encourage the sharing of WSNs experiences, the successes as well as the set-backs, so that the lessons learnt spread and not remain compartmentalized.


Such shared return on experience is fundamental for the WSNs to stay relevant in the face of the developments of this world or simply to be in agreement with the personal wishes of the people of our humanity.


And as our ambition is for the partnerships made in the WSNs to result in concrete acts of solidarity, the story of these partnerships forms a very precious legacy.


So what we are proposing here is a platform for "return on experience".


The Feedback Platform operates as any existing open forum on the Internet, like a simple travel forum, for example, where members share comments and advice about what they have experienced.


It also incorporates a discussion space for members to react to experiences different from theirs and to share their own.


And the platform is naturally open to the comments of people who are not members of the WSNs.


It is also important to understand that the WSNs are not cast in stone. We expect them to evolve through use and we are perfectly open to adding new Groups in the process. Feedback and return on experience are crucial for this to happen in the most optimal way possible.









Let’s hear from you!